15 December 2015

UIMC Developed Equipment for Protected Special Communication in CIS Based on “Elbrus”

The corporation has developed a system to network cyphered document communication channels of CIS countries and Russia. Based on Russian software and Elbrus processors, the equipment guarantees high level of protection against breach in security.

The system has been developed in the framework of the project Most-SNG (CIS Bridge) by the order of Russian Federal Protection Service (FPS), and it consists of universal computing machines, operator console and special software for data processing and routing. Legally relevant information and documents can be transferred between the countries authentically and in time.

“This is the first communication system solution of such a level in Russia. Import substitution task has been 100% solved both at the level of hardware and software,” commented Director General of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Alexander Yakunin. “As a result, trusted equipment has been developed for state level communication systems, which ensures high level of information security and can be used for transferring most confidential data. All software and hardware is totally “transparent” and safe from unauthorized actions and bookmarks for secret information upload”.

The whole project – including development of software and hardware - has been implemented by one of the best telecommunication development enterprises of the corporation, St. Petersburg Research Institute Masshtab. Russian circuit boards MPU-ATX with Elbrus processors developed by the Institute of Electronic Control Machines (Moscow) are the core of the new computers. The Institute is also part of UIMC. “Separate elements of the system are undergoing certification, and we are planning to complete the project by the end of December,” told Alexander Yakunin. “New experience can be used for the future import substitution in special communication systems of other agencies and organizations.”

As reported before, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation was appointed the leading holding of State Corporation Rostec for developing, manufacturing and introducing computing and telecommunication equipment since 2015.
By the end of 2017, the corporation is planning to develop and launch mass production of over 40 models of trusted telecommunication equipment that will ensure high level of data security due to the use of Russian software and hardware. Most of that equipment is based on Russian chips Elbrus and Baikal, including the ones of the last generation that have 28 nm processor.