4 December 2015

Sergei Chemezov Presented Powerful Wearable Computer Made by UIMC to Vladimir Putin

At a business meeting, Director General of State Corporation Rostec Sergei Chemezov presented unconventional brand new products of the Russian industry to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. One of them was a device developed by United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, a wearable palm size computer Raydget, which weighted only about 200 grams.

Handheld computer Raydget can be used in office or at home. The device has a metal body, weights no more than 200 grams, and its size is that of a smartphone, only 125х74х12 mm. Such features allow it to pretend to be the smallest and lightest among all known peers. At the same time, the gadget is as powerful as a large modern PC.

Raydget is fully based on Russian technical solutions, and it has a powerful processor with built-in graphics. The size and weight of the computer shrank due to the optimization of some solutions and functions of software, but not of some individual details as it is done with traditional computers. Raydget has USB and Internet cable connectors and sockets for a microphone, audio and video. The product range includes three models: slim box, сoolBox and power box that are different in size and power.

Minicomputer Raydget is a joint project of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation and a Russian company Network Technologies. The computer was developed by Russian engineers. It is fully assembled at factory Luch (belongs to concern Sozvezdie within United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation) in the city of Ostashkov, and even circuit boards are manufactured there.