About the Corporation

«United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation» (UIMC) — was established in March 2014 within State Corporation Rostec as a specialist company uniting research and production facilities of radio and electronic sector of Russia.


Strategic goal


Facilitation of high-tech production of competitive products for communication means and systems, automated control systems, radio and electronic warfare, robotic systems meeting the needs of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and other defense agencies, as well as competitive civilian and dual-purpose products with high potential for exports.




The Corporation was established by the order of the President of Russia "Establishment of a united holding company in radio and electronic sector".


In accordance with the order of the President, Rostec acquired 100% shares of over 50 governmental enterprises being part of concerns Sozvezdije, Vega, and an integrated unit Control Systems. Rostec also got Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Control Systems.


The Supervisory Board of Rostec approved incorporation of those facilities into United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation.


Establishment of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, a large research and production unit, means completion of the restructuring process in radio and electronic sector of Russia.




As of today, UIMC manages 55 enterprises and research facilities of radio and electronic sector.


The key objective of UIMC is to fully transfer the armed forces of Russia to digital means of communication, automated control systems and radioelectronic warfare systems, and to raise their share in the armed forces up to 70% by 2020, at the same time reducing the number of key threats to the security of Russian information facilities and systems and developing means for combating cyber crime and cyber terrorism.


Other major objectives are improving economic performance of enterprises, raising competitiveness of domestic radio and electronic products, increasing exports and the share of civilian goods up to 40 percent.


The main projects that are being implemented at the moment by UIMC incorporate development of army communication systems of the 6th generation and modern communication systems for aircrafts, including T 50 fighter. Development of advanced radar facilities for different types of monitoring, including radars for aircrafts A-50U and A-100. Development and introduction of new technologies for manufacturing communication means and systems, telecommunication equipment, and computing machinery. One of the most significant UIMC projects is facilitation of mass production of new generation high-density electronics, i.e. 3D microsystems.